Ted’s Guide to walks and pubs in Kent

Rover Reporter Ted in the Garden of England, Kent


I’m Ted and I’m Phileas Dogg’s hound on the ground in Kent. My favourite things are surfing, chasing squirrels and being a celebrity. That’s right, a celebrity. I’ve been on television, in the newspapers and am often recognised when I’m out and about in Dover, where I live, and asked for my paw-tograph. Fun!

The other day I took my owners to the village of Molash. It is a small village with only 90 houses, a church and a pub, the George Inn. The village and the church are so old that there are yew trees in the church grounds that have split into two, and I can sit in between the split bit and pretend I’m a squirrel, perching in a tree!

Molash is eight miles from Canterbury, We could have stopped at the George Inn and gone no further – sausages – but I’m an active kind of chap and I wanted a jolly romp through King’s Wood first.

The walk through the wood is really easy to follow because there are markers all the way and depending on how muddy it is – the muddier the better imho but not in my owner Karol’s – it takes about two hours for three and a half miles.

It’s a good walk for chasing squirrels as there are so many trees for them to scurry around in and I could smell fantastic Mr Fox too. When I wasn’t snouting around among the undergrowth, my head was pointed towards the sky, waiting for a squirrel to fall from it!

There were things for Karol and Ben to stick their snouts into as well because scattered among the trees in King’s Wood are works of art for humans to enjoy. One of the projects is called SuperKingdom and it is lots of different homes for animals built among the trees. I did think about checking into one of these homes and staying in the woods forevah but I’d miss Karol and I know she’d miss me.

So we went to the pub instead. Now SAUSAGES! My owners had a roast dinner, all cooked from local produce, and I stuck my paw out for scraps and had a snooze by the fire. Perfick, as they say in Kent.

This is me, licking my lips after eating my SAUSAGES!








Phileas Fact Box: Molash and The George Inn

  • The walk through King’s Wood is at:
  • The George Inn, The Street, Molash, Canterbury, Kent, CT4 8HE. Tel: 01233 740323.
  • Website:


The Wye Crown Walk

I was tickled pink the other day when my owners took me out to chase about the countryside around Wye, which lies five miles from Ashford and twelve miles from Canterbury nestling at the foot of the North Downs.

Me, Andy and Karol started the day with a walk from Wye through the countryside and up onto the open hills. The North Downs Way runs through Wye and there are lots of lovely walks and places to explore. We went along the hillside and I enjoyed the wind in my fur, although I think Karol wished she’d worn more of her coats as it was a bit windy. We saw a chalk crown carved into the hillside and I chased sticks up and down the slopes. There were lots of rabbits around too from the smells everywhere, but they stayed hidden when the saw me coming – sensible creatures.

There was a big wedge shape carved into the hillside like a giant slice of my favourite cheese. I think it was called the Devil’s Kneading Trough. I had more fun running around and down a long flight of winding stairs to the fields below and back to Wye … but watch out for the sheep and cows along the way – they’re not for chasing.

After a good run we went to a dog-friendly pub called the Tickled Trout, which has a beautiful garden to sit in. I had a sniff at the River Stour that runs alongside, but couldn’t find any trout to tickle, so we went inside. Karol said this was a seventeenth century inn, originally used as a tannery. It was warm and friendly, and they welcomed dogs – in fact the landlady, Wendy and the barmaid, Laura spotted me and came out to have a chat and tickle behind my ears. So I was the tickled trout!

Karol is an awkward eater because of her allergies, so she had a chat with their chef, Steve, and ordered some food (completely off the menu just for her) and they brought a plate of SAUSAGES out just for me – free of charge – with Karol’s food.

After I finished those SAUSAGES off I used all my charm to persuade them to bring me out a second bowl. And it worked – they did. This was a super-SAUSAGE day!

I only wish we’d been there on a Sunday, when they are cooking up roast dinners and dogs are treated to a FREE plate of chicken or beef. Next time!

Phileas Fact Box Wye and the Tickled Trout

  • The Tickled Trout, Bridge Street, Wye, Kent, TN25 5EB. Tel: 01223 812227. Website:
  • Scores on the Paws: Ted, Karol and Andy all give The Tickled Trout 5/5. Awarded the Phileas Dogg Five Paws for Excellence.
  • Wye Downs Walk – log on to and type Wye Downs Walk into search box.