Combe House, Devon

Attlee: Lord of the Manor As we approach Combe House Hotel, up a long drive through woodland opening out to fields and the glorious Elizabethan residence itself, I forget, for a few seconds, that I am Attlee Common, city dog of South-East London and imagine I am Attlee Double-Barrelled, hound of a country squire, canine … Read more

South Devon

Coco de Mer – life’s a beach with the Duchess of Devonshire I’m Coco. Some might say that I’m Attlee’s Mrs Robinson. I’m slim (I don’t like the word skinny), attractive, flirty and well, rather older than him. I’m nearing double figures now. I’m known as the 80mph couch potato. Personally, I think it’s good … Read more

Isle of Bute

Wild in the Isles: Attlee visits the Scottish island of Bute You don’t need a sign post: just follow Attlee’s nose! In some ways, Bute is my second home. That’s because Jane’s parents Mick and Branwen live there. If I was Jane’s child, instead of Jane’s dog, Mick and Branwen would be my grandparents but … Read more