Crossing the Channel with Monty

Bonjour, tout le monde! I’m Monty Spaniel, Phileas Dogg’s brand new continental canine reporter.  I’ll be bringing you the lowdown on what to do, see and sniff across the Channel, along with my personal recommendations for canine cuisine. Ever since starring in an advert for puppy food when I was little, I’ve led a bit … Read more

Sherborne, Dorset

The Umbrellas of Sherborne The Queen is following in my paw-steps, or at least the Corgis are. For, just ten days after I, Phileas Dogg, visited Sherborne in Dorset, she, Queen Elizabeth the Second, is there visiting. TODAY! Jane wanted me to investigate Sherborne in the course of my research because, on a visit there … Read more

Mawgan Porth, North Cornwall

The first thing I can tell you about Cornwallshire is that it’s a long way from my hood in south-east London – a very long way in the car, which involves two stops at one of those motorway services places that don’t allow dogs inside. Haterz! (Sophie, a little human who is five-years-old, measures car … Read more

Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight Okay, I’m going to confess something now – I’ve never been to the Isle of Wight and neither has any of my intrepid band of rover reporters. But Jane discovered a little booklet called Pawprint, produced by Wightlink, the ferry company which serves the Isle of Wight, and in this little booklet are 12 … Read more

East Sussex

Hastings: Attlee goes into battle It is the first weekend of spring and I am off to the seaside – Hastings, in fact, which is famous for the Battle of Hastings, a long time ago, in 1066. So we are safe now. The most exciting thing that happened to me in Hastings was that there … Read more

Cambridge: Attlee gets an education

Cambridge: Attlee gets an education So we are off to Cambridge, where Jane’s friend from university Neil lives. (Neil also lives in Baku, where something called the Eurovision is taking place with someone called The Hump in it – the Hump is something I am NOT allowed to do.) Anyway, Cambridge is famous as a … Read more

Thaxted, Essex

We are on the Stansted Express and I am not a happy dog. Normally, up and down the land, on trains, I am treated like royalty. Train guards respect me as the esteemed traveller that I am and other passengers break off bits of their sandwiches to give me – sometimes without me even having … Read more

The Only Way is Essex at Diva Dogs in Chelmsford

The Attlee Way is Essex I’ve never been to a grooming parlour before and, to be frank, I don’t think I need to go to one now. I keep myself smart and I’m no Beau Brummel. But Jane disagrees. Jane has booked me in for a session at Diva Dogs, in Chelmsford, because all the … Read more

South-east London pubs: Attlee’s staycation

Camberwell, SE5 This is my hood and I am known in the local watering holes as the booze hound that I am. I’m very well-behaved in public houses – no barking my head off in over-excitement as if I’m on my first night out or vomiting on the way home. I just sit patiently at … Read more

Ted’s Guide to walks and pubs in Kent

Rover Reporter Ted in the Garden of England, Kent Molash I’m Ted and I’m Phileas Dogg’s hound on the ground in Kent. My favourite things are surfing, chasing squirrels and being a celebrity. That’s right, a celebrity. I’ve been on television, in the newspapers and am often recognised when I’m out and about in Dover, … Read more