These are Phileas Dogg’s favourite websites and people on the Internet:

  • A big high-paw-five to Boomerang, the Shropshire scribe. Buy Boomer’s books at
  • Monty’s mistress, Sara, writes her own record of their travels (not as good as Monty’s, obv) at
  • Rover reporter and Shetland correspondent Bean is owned by Frances, a photographer, horse trainer and breeder. Frances’ work is at
  • My favourite food is the Jumbone. This is the one stop shop for all Jumbone related activity:
  • Battersea Dogs (and Cats – grrrr) Home rescued me when I was a stray. Battersea dogs are the best:
  • Annie, who made my beefeater’s outfit, is at
  • There is a dog called Moose who has written a book about his owner, Martin, a photographer, suffering with depression. Moose tries to find the black dog that is following Martin around. The book made Jane cry; if your owner fancies a weep she (or he) should log on to:
  • A dog that understands architecture: now there’s a thing! I don’t notice buildings because I’m so busy sniffing out the smells on the street. Pickles’ blog is at:
  • Jane’s friend Catherine Jones eat lots of wierd foods – a bit like me – and I am going to be reporting for her in the new year, Cat’s website is at
  • Gobble Monkey writes about sweets. I have eaten a jelly baby and a jelly bean – and I have been sick.
  • Tillerpop sings comedy pop songs and I know him. I have been to his house. He has written a song about sausage dogs but never one about me. Bad Show!
  • Evie, my camping correspondent, has lots of clobber from She thinks she is very special in it. Maybe one day Jane will love her dog enough to buy me something posh from there. Woof!
  • Jane has written a feature for all about her favourite places. We have to encourage her in her writing career so have a look.
  • Jane has also written for about her favourite beaches. (My favourite beaches, in truth – she copied!)