The dog-friendly Bath Arms at Longleat

Well I am in a wagging good mood today and no mistake – not only are Jane and I off on our travels, I have been sent a whole parcel of IMPORTANT STUFF for my trip by the lovely humans at Armitage Good Boy. I must have been a very good boy to receive such a parcel – I can’t pinpoint when I was, exactly, and neither can Jane but I do have a very hazy recollection of a day in April when I sat down promptly when instructed.


Anyway, I’m not one to look a gift-squeaky-meerkat in the mouth so I’ll get on with packing my IMPORTANT THINGS into my Poppy and Rufus dog travel bag. Blanket – check; bowl – check; chocolate bones – check; squeaky VW Campervan – check: brush – actually I’m not sure I need that….


Good job we’re not travelling by public transport as usual or Jane might need panniers to carry this lot – instead Tim, my photographer and chauffeur, is driving me to The Bath Arms in the village of Horningsham, Wiltshire in my own personal limousine (Ford Focus) and my luggage is safely stowed in the boot. The BATH Arms – that sounds ominous to me. But, Jane assures me, no bathing will be required on my part and the name refers to the city of Bath rather than the tubs of torment with horns that cascade water lurking behind so many closed doors.

We pass Stonehenge – lots of good leg lifting opportunities on those boulders but, alas, hounds aren’t allowed in – and then we pass the entrance to Longleat House and Safari Park. Again, dogs aren’t allowed in – I imagine the lions have requested that, as they are scared of us. Oh well, we are welcome in the village of Horningsham – a straggle of thatched cottages with a big old stone church – and we’re very welcome at The Bath Arms.

Bath. Arms.Attlee

Its frontage is very impressive – it’s a LISTED 17th Century ivy-clad building just ripe for wee-ing against but Jane won’t have that sort of behaviour, she says, and I desist. I don’t want my GOOD BOY parcel to be revoked.

Bath.Arms.Beer.GardenAs it’s a sunny late spring evening, we sit in the beer garden and relax – Jane with a glass of wine; Tim with a craft ale and me with my squeaky Space Hopper toy.

‘Actually,’ Jane tells me, grabbing it, ‘some other guests aren’t finding that squeaking very relaxing Attlee.’

Our bedroom is in an annexe around the corner from the main hotel which, I deduce, used to be the stables. But as all the poor horses have had their jobs stolen by cars they don’t need the stables any longer and we dogs, and our humans, can have them instead. There’s a bed laid out for me, and two bowls too, but I’m more interested in peering out of the patio-style doors at the other dogs arriving for the evening. Don’t want too much competition for scraps at dinner….

I needn’t have worried though because when we sit down in the restaurant (there’s a little area where dogs are welcome) Jane’s a good egg and orders the steak and ale pie with chips on the side for me; then, at breakfast in the morning, there’s a top Rover result – BLACK PUDDING with the full English. Jane doesn’t like black pudding; Tim doesn’t like black pudding but I very much like black pudding. I like the sausage made from local pork as well – the more local that sausage gets to my chops the better. And I finish the whole repast off with a GOOD BOY chocolate bone for afters!

Phileas Phacts:

  • The Bath Arms, Horningsham, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 7LY Tel: 01985 844308;
  • Prices start at £95 per night in a classic room, including breakfast.

Attlee’s haul from Armitage Pet Care’s Good Boy range, available from all good pet stores, consisted of:

  • pawsley & co deli treats – £2.99 a pack
  • Meerkat soft squeaky toy – £6.49
  • Campervan squeaky toy – £2.99
  • Space Lobber squeaky toy – £6.29
  • Feeding bowl – £4.99
  • Travel water bottle – £4.79
  • Brush – £5.99
  • Poo bags and holder – £2.99
  • Blanket – £3.99
  • Solid choc bones – £16.83 for 3 kgs

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