Dog-friendly Sydney, Down Under

G’day Phileas phans! I am delighted to be writing to you from a land Down Under. I’ve read about the adventures of Attlee and his band of rover reporters with some envy – you Europeans do indeed live a dogs’ life!

But I digress. My name is Harry and, like Attlee, I am a rescue dog. Having reached the ripe old age of 10, I am nothing if not streetwise and savvy, and therefore keen to offer my assistance as foreign correspawndent for the harbour city of Sydney.

I am something of an explorer myself, spending my retirement sniffing out dog-friendly Sydney’s best haunts for hounds for my website

dog-friendly Sydney, Australia

Now, the first place most people head when they arrive in Sydney is the harbour and Opera House. Four-legged friends, don’t be fooled by the tourism brochures – there are far more exciting spots for a hound around town!

Let me tell you about Centennial Park – more than 150 hectares of open space where I am allowed off-leash to indulge my true terrier instincts by disappearing into bushes on the scent of something intriguing while pretending I am deaf when my humans call me.

There are outdoor barbecues dotted around the park which means just one thing – SAUSAGES! Sydney-siders like dogs as much as the next decent human being so a little tip from me: put on the sad eyes and there will soon be a stray sausage or two for you to snaffle.

And best of all – there are ducks, Phileas phans! Ponds full of ’em. Truth be told, ducks send me barking mad and all I want to do is chase them. Once I made it into a pond after but it resulted in the humans spending the rest of the walk muttering ‘I didn’t think he liked the water’ and my off-lead privileges being removed for a while. It’s true – I don’t like water but I am a dog who follows his passions and when it comes to chasing ducks, I am passionate.

Adventuring is thirsty work and after a day exploring, my folks are often keen for a drink. I’m a teetotaller myself but I do indulge them since they’ll usually sneak me a meaty treat or two. So far we’ve found two pubs in Sydney where dogs are allowed INSIDE – The London and the Duck Inn Pub and Kitchen. The Duck Inn got my hackles up when I thought those feathered fiends might be around but luckily it was just me and another mongrel, so all was well in the world.

Better than pubs, though, is restaurants – and my favourite is Chew Chew. That’s because dogs are not only allowed – we’re the only ones who are served. Take that humans! The restaurant dishes up fresh food, made to order using only the finest quality fish and meats. I am working my way through the entire menu but my current favourite is the chicken risotto.

If you want somewhere where you can take your humans too, Café Bones caters for canine clientele, selling a selection of tasty treats for DOGS, but also serves people – very non-discriminatory of them. They do a mean Pupaccino too.

A day of activities always leaves me dog-tired. If you need somewhere to lay your head in Sydney, look no further than The Langham. It’s a five-star hotel and, frankly, we hard-working canine correspawndents deserve no less. I was taken there for a night once as a special treat and given a room with a harbour view and a balcony where I could sit and sniff the sea air. I also had my own bed (although it was PINK and I’m a BOY) and a packet of special biscuits during my night-time turn down service.

dog-friendly Langham Sydney

You can find out more about a dog’s life down under on my website, Do look me up if you visit – I’m always glad to make new friends. Until then, happy travels Pommie Pups!

Phileas Phacts: Sydney

  • Chew Chew, Shop 3, Railway Walk, Wollstonecraft Station, Wollstonecraft, Sydney, New South Wales Tel: 02 9460 7111;
  • Café Bones, Hawthorne Canal Reserve, Leichhardt, Sydney, New South Wales Tel: 02 9402 9272;
  • The London Hotel, 234 Darling Street, Balmain, Sydney, New South Wales Tel: 02 9555 1377;
  • Duck Inn Pub and Kitchen, 74 Rose St, Chippendale, Sydney, New South Wales Tel: (02) 9319 4415;
  • The Langham Sydney, 89-113 Kent St, Sydney Tel: (02) 9256 2222;

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  1. Bodhi says:

    Thinking I should get mum & I a night at The Langham for Xmas. She was staying at The Langham Melbourne for work when she found out that she could pick me up the next day. She checked out of the hotel and we went and stayed with a friend the following night before coming back to Sydney the next day… Think it would be only fitting we have a night at The Langham.
    Love to hear others reccos of places to go… Besides St Ives Showgrounds where we train, I love going up to Bayview!

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