Dog-Friendly Newcastle: Elvis is IN the building!

Newcastle.Elvis.1!I’m Elvis the Boxador and I’m THE Dog on the Tyne. Everybody knows that Newcastle is one of the world’s biggest party cities – I once snaffled a string of plastic sausages from a hen party outfit. But is Newcastle one of the world’s biggest paw-ty cities too?

So here is my tour of dog-friendly Newcastle. My two Dads often take me for a long walk along the River Tyne, especially in the summer when it’s not absolutely freeeeeeeezing. While I sniff out the best things to wee on, they sniff out Newcastle’s best dog-friendly pubs to visit with me – they do enjoy a pint or two.

On the south, Gateshead side of the river – Newcastle and Gateshead are two separate places, divided by the Tyne –  just next to the bridge is a curiously shaped pub called The Central. It is kind of like Tyneside’s answer to New York’s triangular Flatiron Building but smaller. Dads like The Central because it has a chilled-out atmosphere and the Giant Yorkshire Puddings look amazing. I like The Central because the staff are always so happy that ELVIS IS IN THE BUILDING and make a huge fuss of me.


A quick walk over the river across the Swing Bridge – there are always ‘Dog on the Tyne’ jokes at this point – brings us to Newcastle’s Quayside Quarter. Now, Dads presumed anywhere with an outside area would be pretty okay to stop off with me for a quick pint and the Wetherspoons-owned The Quayside with its big beer garden at the front and back was an obvious choice. However on our first visit we were asked to leave, as apparently it’s against company policy to allow dogs anywhere on the premises. Wetherspoons does not love me tender. 










Anyway, never mind Wetherspoons because close by there’s a hidden gem. The Red House, in a grand old building, is a pub dedicated to serving the very best in pie and mash. Dads say the food is amazing but never share with me. Oh well – I am always served a lovely bowl of water while they stuff their faces. Thanks Dads – NOT!


Further along the river, just past the iconic Millennium Bridge is the classy-looking Pitcher & Piano. There are a few tables outside overlooking the bridges and the BALTIC art gallery and Sage Music Centre. Unlike in Wetherspoons, Dads aren’t told off for having an Elvis with them and nobody steps on my blue suede paws! 

Further east along the River Tyne, is an area called Ouseburn – home to the Tyne Bar, where I’m always warmly welcomed, even though I ain’t nothing but a hound dog. There’s an outdoor area in one of the arches of the Victorian bridge that runs over the pub with a stage for bands to perform. I have been known to take the stage in my rhinestone jumpsuit and lob a tennis ball around.

Newcastle.Elvis.Free.TradeJust up the steps next to The Tyne is The Free Trade. They don’t have dog bowls, but Dad always comes out with a drip-tray of water for me (I’m not fussy) and their beer garden has some great views down the river towards the city centre. I always get lots of attention in The Free Trade – one time, I wagged my tail up a lady’s skirt and tickled her knickers. Dads were very embarrassed and the lady said she had a hot flush.

Now we walk back into town or, if Dads are lazy, use public transport. The Tyne and Wear Metro (and its buses) are all very dog friendly – in fact, dogs travel free. As I am Elvis, I should really have a limo to transport me around but I don’t so the bus and metro has to to.


A good bar in the city centre, near the train station, is The Town Wall – it’s very ‘trendy’. Well-behaved dogs (and children) are allowed in until 7pm. Dad #1 took me there while he had a lunchtime work meeting. He was amazed at how quiet I was being, sitting under the table minding my own business – then he realised I’d spent half an hour methodically chewing through my lead. What can I say? I was bored!


Me having a business meeting at the Town Wall

Me having a business meeting at the Town Wall…….

When I’d rather have been at THE BEACH………..!



Phileas Phacts: Elvis the Dog on the Tyne

  • The Central, Half Moon Lane, Gateshead, NE8 2AN Tel: 0191 478 2543;
  • Red House, 32 Sandhill, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3JF Tel: 0191 261 1037;
  • Pitcher & Piano, 108 Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 3DX Tel: 0191 232 4110;
  • The Tyne Bar, Maling Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1LP Tel: 0191 265 2550;
  • The Free Trade Inn, St Lawrence Road, Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1AP Tel: 0191 265 5764
  • The Town Wall, Pink Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5HX Tel: 0191 232 3000;


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  1. Laura Holland says:

    “Pawesome” web page. Have a 13wk old cocker spaniel who I’d like to take out in the toon when my brother comes to visit. Thanks

  2. Mad Maggie says:

    Great info we have 18 month jack russel Harvey who we hate leaving on his own not a problem now thanx

  3. Mad Maggie says:

    Fab info will deffo try a few of these pubs with Harvey our Jack Russell

  4. Lindsey says:

    Good info, didn’t know about Redhouse. Also try Bridge Tavern (just off the Quayside), Ernest Cafe Bar (Ouseburn) and The Brandling Villa where they also have a dog menu (Gosforth)!

  5. Laura says:

    Great post, I didn’t know about redhouse and central. Barca in Gosforth is also dog friendly but not as much as brandling villa. There are more dogs than people in there sometimes!

  6. Rosie Amis says:

    I love this

  7. Julie says:

    What a brilliant site. I’ve just been giggling to myself. I have 2 cockapoos called Cooper and Woopsie Daisy who love walking on the quayside. It’s great to know what pubs will allow us in. The waterside pub I think that’s the name next to the law courts also allows well behaved hounds in so you may want to get Elvis in that building too.

  8. Thanks for the info Elvis my pub is also dog friendly in Gosforth. I think the bridge tavern on the quayside is too so dads checking it out tomorrow with me and mam. Hope to meet you sometime soon.

  9. Ping says:

    Hi Elvis
    I visited Newscastle with my Mum and Dad on holiday. We found a lovely cafe called Long Play Cafe who were very welcoming! I got a lovely drink and fussed while Mum and DAD had amazing coffee and pancakes. I would highly recommend!
    Ping (Beagle)

  10. Pierre says:

    Met you and your Dads kast Saturday in the Central Bar. You are a real charmer Elvis and very handsome! Great tips too. Love all the pubs you mentioned
    Hope to see you again xx

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