Dog-friendly Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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Jack the Pug and Friends

I am Jack the Pug and I am a Yorkshire dog but, when reading Phileas D on t’internet, as we call it up here, I noticed that Harrogate didn’t heed a dog-friendly mention. Being a dogged, pugnacious sort of pug, I emailed Phileas to remedy this situation and Attlee very graciously allowed me to file a report on my home.

Harrogate is famous as a spa town with lots of lovely old buildings but the best part of town for us pugs – and other dogs too, I suppose – is the marvellous 200-acre parkland called The Stray bang in the town centre. There’s always lots of straying to be done and fun to be had chasing children on their bicycles. The park is lined with cafes and pubs – I’m partial to a pork pie – and The Coach and Horses, dog-friendly after 3pm, is my favourite boozer. Good food and it stocks lots of Harrogate beers, which is essential for a party animal like me!

There’s also the Harrogate Ringway which is a glorious 20-mile path circling the town – a bit much for my little legs all in one day but I like to do it in stages. Almscliffe Crag is a good spot for a scramble and within easy walking distance of Braythorne Bees, a farm which serves good Yorkshire lunches in its gardens – beware the clucking hens though. There are no clucking hens at The Square and Compass in the village of North Rigton, which the Ringway passes through – just biscuits for pugs on demand!

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I am a lucky enough pug to live in Dog’s own county but if you’re a holidaying hound, I can heartily recommend Harrogate Holidays for self-catering accommodation, especially since I work (five days a week; no slacking) in the office there, with 13 other animals, including some hens and half a pony. By which I mean, the pony is only with us half the time. Anyway, I’m the hardest worker of all my colleagues and I include the six humans in that, and my owner Jo.

Occasionally I am a dog-tester for Harrogate Holiday’s cottages – of which many of the 34 are dog-friendly – and my favourite countryside one is Newby Farm Cottage, as the lane it stands on is a ‘no-through’ road meaning no nasty cars can interrupt my morning constitutional. In Harrogate itself, my favourite property is dog-friendly Daisy House, as it’s only five minutes from a park – Valley Gardens, which has more mineral springs erupting than anywhere else on the planet. Or something!

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So there we go Phileas fans. Thank you for the opportunity to put Harrogate on the Phileas Dogg map and be sure to look me up for the best fun if you come to town as, even though I work hard, I play hard too and am the original party animal.


holidays with dogs uk, dog friendly holidays britain, dog friendly holidays england, dog friendly holidays yorkshireThe Coach and Horses, 16 West Park, Town Centre, Harrogate, HG1 1BJ Tel: 01423 561 802;

Braythorne Bees, The Honey House, Braythorne Lane, Stainburn, Otley, LS21 2LW Tel: 0113 284 2982;

The Square and Compass, North Rigton, Harrogate, LS17 ODJ Tel: 01423 733031;

Harrogate Holidays: 01423 523333; Dogs cost an extra £20 per holiday.




3 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    Many thanks for the info. We were looking to see how pet friendly our trip would be, if we booked. Can’t wait now- doggies excited to go to The Stray too!

  2. Charlie says:

    Just getting ready to visit Harrogate with my owners. I was looking forward to visiting the The Coach and Horses, but apparently they have revised their policy and no longer accept us 🙁

    What a shame

  3. Minnie the Pom says:

    Jack (& Friends) if you visit Harrogate again i’d highly recommend visit Ripley. Great walks, accommodation and food for us and our owners!

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