Dog-Friendly Alnmouth


Alnmouth is one of my favourite places in the country – exclamation bark for emphasis. Jane and I first visited there 21 (dog) years ago when we were writing our book but we didn’t post it on here as we required some exclusives for our magnum opus.  My magnum opus, actually, which means great work of literature and is not the same thing at all as the Magnum someone dropped on the pavement the other day which I had one swipe at before Jane pulled me away. The fun police –grrrrrrr.

This June, we returned to meet Jane’s friend Vicky and her Labrador mix Freda, who is young and rather jaunty and a replacement for Jess, Vicky’s old dog who went to the great kennel in the sky. I don’t know what that means, exactly, but once there was Jess who used to swipe me across the snout with her big thick tail and now there is Freda who Vicky found in Durham dog pound. (Freda is actually very good looking so I’m surprised she was in the dog pound – I’d have thought she’d be in the dog tenner or even the dog million pounds. But the pound it was. As Jane paid nearly £100 for me from Battersea Dogs (and Cats) Home that makes me a more expensive dog than Freda and therefore, superior. Insert BOL emoji here!)


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